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Surrender all fishing ports to the private sector - Publish Date : 11/20/2010 4:11:54 PM
Amin Allah Taghavi said: Iranian Fisheries, General Policy’s tasks related to fishing and fish processing and supply to be privatized
Kenya's participation in grain transit of the Central Asia to the Emam ports - Publish Date : 11/20/2010 3:43:27 PM
Seyed jafar hejazi said: Cereals in these countries through the port of Astrakhan, Russia moved Amir Abad Port and Port of Bandar Imam Transit to be.
Launched the first air surveillance fleet and Rescue PMO - Publish Date : 11/20/2010 3:10:11 PM
First Fleet Air Search and Rescue PMO will be launched.
Loading and unloading of seven hundred and sixty five thousand tons of goods at the port of Khoramsh - Publish Date : 11/14/2010 10:34:39 AM
Director General Maritime Khoramshahr said: In seven months this year, seven hundred and sixty five thousand and three hundred and forty three tons of type of goods at the port of Khoramshahr is loading and unloading.
Vessel owners welcome from establishment of P and I club - Publish Date : 11/14/2010 10:10:25 AM
Maros Tarabar managing Director said:Creation of an Iranian insurance clubs without reliance international insurance and domestic insurance protection is provided.
Construction of Twenty breakwaters in Boushehr and Hormozgan - Publish Date : 11/14/2010 10:05:44 AM
PMO Manager said: in to development and construction of ports in the south and southern west breakwater construction of twenty (fishing and commercial) in the coastal provinces of Hormozgan and Boushehr is being done
Construction of breakwaters and Solkh and Rigo began in Qeshm - Publish Date : 11/14/2010 10:04:37 AM
Construction of breakwaters and Solkh and Rigo regions began in Qeshm Island
Two hundred out of the fleet of container ships the world - Publish Date : 11/10/2010 10:34:23 AM
According to analysts, the current market weakness container can carry out two hundred ships of the circuit up to this level of demand will lead to improvements
Revenue and profit growth of Indian shipping - Publish Date : 11/10/2010 10:33:56 AM
Container shipping companies in India grow up to half the company's revenue this year led to early
twentyone percent increase in loading and unloading at the port of Boushehr - Publish Date : 11/9/2010 8:53:56 AM
Director General of Ports and Maritime Boushehr increased 21 percent volume loading and unloading goods at the port of Boushehr within seven months of this year announced
Construction of research vessels to Maritime Organization - Publish Date : 11/9/2010 8:51:10 AM
President of the National Institute of Oceanography, said: After the final review of proposals received from inside and outside the country, Defense Department Maritime Organization as the manufacturer's first research vessel was selected
Investment opportunities in the port of Khorramshahr - Publish Date : 11/9/2010 8:49:17 AM
General Manager Port and Maritime Khorramshahr new investment opportunities and private sector businesses in this port for optimal utilization of regional economic empowerment announced
Fishing Ports Master Plan completed. - Publish Date : 11/8/2010 8:32:29 AM
Project Preparation and Fishing Ports Master Plan by the end of this year will be completed
The first agreement signed with the provincial rescue and counter sea oil pollution - Publish Date : 11/7/2010 3:19:29 PM
Deputy Maritime and Port Administration of Gilan from Agreement signed between the relevant organs of the 16th Marine in Gilan Province announced
nineteen percent growth vessels entered the port of Amir Abad - Publish Date : 11/7/2010 2:12:40 PM
During the past seven months 359 ships were entered in to the port of Amir Abad than last year grew by 19 percent
Repair of the ocean liner ship by Hormuz Persia Company - Publish Date : 11/2/2010 2:39:23 PM
Basic repair of ships Islamic Republic of Iran has successfully completed by Persia Hormuz Company
Starts to construction of kish marine hotel - Publish Date : 11/2/2010 12:48:36 PM
The first kish marine hotel project is the studying and mapping process
Project completed purchase at Mahshahr port next year - Publish Date : 11/2/2010 11:21:19 AM
Managing Director Company of National Iranian Oil Engineering and Construction completion of the development plan and purchase at the port of export Mahshahr end of next year in land and maritime sectors announced
Arvand Hydrography is in progress - Publish Date : 11/2/2010 11:00:42 AM
Maritime Affairs PMO said: Arvand Hydrography operations by Iran and Iraq are in progress.
Tenth cruiser group was dispatched to Iran to the Gulf of Aden - Publish Date : 11/1/2010 5:17:07 PM
Tenth cruiser group of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the aim of establishing security and support of our shipping lines was dispatched to the Gulf of Aden
Transship of Iranian ports increased 14 percent - Publish Date : 11/1/2010 3:37:01 PM
Transship goods increased from the ports of Iran in the first six months of this year from 1.6 tons to 1.9 million tons
Special Economic Zone Amir Abad is wider - Publish Date : 11/1/2010 3:07:23 PM
Investment in Special Economic Zone Bandar AmirAbad finds the extent of land acquisition
New multi-purpose barge largest dredgers Iran to the Persian Gulf - Publish Date : 10/31/2010 10:27:04 AM
Golf Agency entering the first and largest multi-purpose barge floating dredgers and modern Iran to the Persian Gulf announced during the next two months
Abadan Marine Terminals owns the countries are equipped - Publish Date : 10/31/2010 9:45:07 AM
Director of Ports and Maritime Administration Abadan said: Abadan marine passenger terminal will be equipped with the equipment
Ship carrying humanitarian aid headed to the port of Bushehr Pakistan - Publish Date : 10/31/2010 9:42:10 AM
Senior officials attended the ceremony, Secretary General, Bushehr Islamic Red Crescent Society, the ship ‘Ehsan to paint the’ Supreme People carrying humanitarian aid from the new dock at the port of Bushehr new Kosar seal off the country was stricken Pakistan.
Sanctions have no effect on Iran's maritime community - Publish Date : 10/31/2010 9:39:59 AM
National Iranian Tanker Co., the world as the best shipping companies in 2010 was selected
Great exhibitions Transportation and Related Industries - Publish Date : 10/31/2010 9:38:29 AM
The first exhibition of road transport and related industries will be held in December this year
P and I Teachers Insurance was also approved in Japan - Publish Date : 10/30/2010 5:12:11 PM
Japan's Transport Ministry confirmed the P& I insurance of Iranian Teachers Insurance company
278 container ships entering the world fleet by year's end - Publish Date : 10/30/2010 5:09:41 PM
Number of container ships delivered in 2010 the world will increase
An Iranian company with cooperation of an UK based firm designed a software enable to send Notices - Publish Date : 9/27/2010 7:28:19 AM
CEO of Kasra Port & Shipping Service Co. who has a close hand on designed & production of this software, said: "Shipping and Marine have their own rules and regulations like other transportation industry branches and much more equipment and facilities is needed for more safety purpose
New Berth Opened in Dayer Port - Publish Date : 9/12/2010 7:56:03 AM
A new 200-meter long concrete berth opened in the Port of Dayer
70 Civil Projects in Hormozgan Ports - Publish Date : 9/12/2010 7:52:14 AM
More than seventy civil projects are planned to be carried out in the different ports of the Hormozgan Province.
Civil Projects Opened in Shahid Rajaee - Publish Date : 9/12/2010 7:32:20 AM
Several civil project has been inaugurated in the Shahid Rajaee Port Complex.
Training Course on delimitation of territorial sea held - Publish Date : 9/12/2010 7:28:07 AM
Ports and Maritime Organization of Iran held a training course on the delimitation of the territorial sea based on the United Nation Convention on the Low of the Sea (UNCLOS) In Orumieh.
Advertising Quality Assessment Maintenance Services, Electronic, Electrical dependent, closed circui - Publish Date : ۱۳۸۹/۸/۱۸
Advertising Quality Assessment Maintenance Services, Electronic, Electrical dependent, closed circuit cameras, and navigation communications port of Khoramshahr on one level with an estimated financial 14302380408 Rials by Port and Maritime Administration will hold Khoramshahr
Advertised tenders and operational support of all building systems under a comprehensive marine - Publish Date : ۱۳۸۹/۸/۱۸
Advertised tenders and operational support of all building systems under a comprehensive sea level by PMO will be held

Inspection (57)

Damage and Loss Assessment (5)
Marine Inspection Services (4)
Goods Inspection (6)
Testing, Inspection and Laboratory Services (4)
Ship Inspection Services (25)
Work Environment Safety and Quality Certification (4)
Ship Registration Services (1)
Classification Societies (8)
Manufacturers ,Vendors and Suppliers (255)

Interior Design and Decoration (4)
Fresh Water unit (6)
Tools (8)
Ship Automation(Alarm and Control Systems) (5)
Spare Parts Supply (16)
Propulsion System Supplier(Main Engine,Gearbox,Shaft,Propeller) (47)
main and Emergency Generator Suppliers (7)
Rope and Wire (11)
Plate and Profile (6)
Piloting System (2)
Telecommunication ,Navigation and Electronic Systems (43)
Safety and Fire Fighting Equipment (1)
Fishing Equipment (0)
Turbo Charger (3)
Paints and Coating (28)
Lubricants (21)
Positioning system (0)
Safety equipments (5)
Pumps, Pipes ,Valves and Connection (17)
Isoulation (4)
Portable and Fixed Gas (1)
Heat Exchanger and Cooling Equipments (3)
Ship Accessories Suppliers (11)
Marine Chemical Material (6)
Marine Services (84)

Safety and Fire Fighting (8)
ship provisions supply(water,clods,foods) (14)
Crew management and Employment services (8)
Port Medical Services (0)
Search and Rescue Services (5)
Fuel Supply (9)
Diving Services (24)
Ship Management Services (7)
Pilotage and Towage Services (9)
Organization and Assosiation (52)

Ports authority and maritime organization (12)
Association (9)
Association and Organization (13)
Free Zones (18)
Port Operation and Port Equipments (248)

Goods and Cargo Packing and Safety (1)
Port Facilities and Equipments Supply,maintenance and repairs (23)
Cargo Handling ,Loading and unloading Services (85)
Port Handling Cranes (45)
Jetty Fenders (9)
General Cargo Handling and operation (2)
Bulk Cargo Handling and Operation (5)
Container Handling and Operation (8)
container (11)
Towage (4)
Machinery (20)
Port Management and Operation (27)
Passengers Terminals (3)
port services (5)
Professional Services (438)

Safety and Fire Fighting (3)
ship provisions supply(water,clods,foods) (28)
Crew management and Employment services (22)
Port Medical Services (6)
electronic & telecommunication services (3)
international transport services (214)
software services (7)
inform networks (4)
trading company (29)
insurance companies (19)
marine low companies (4)
educational & research centers (71)
hotels (26)
marine charts & marine publications (2)
rail transport (0)
Repair and Maintenance (86)

Surface Preparation and Tank Cleaning (2)
Automation and Instrumentation (6)
Ship Scrapping (1)
Chemical Cleaning (1)
Propulsion System Repair and Maintenance (5)
Under Water Repaire (4)
Telecommunication ,Navigation and Electronic Systems (21)
Cutting and Welding,Metal Work,plating,Claddings (9)
Painting and Coating (2)
Isolation and Insulation (2)
Corrosion Control (21)
Marine Engineering (12)
Marine Equipment Repair and Maintenance (0)
Ship Owners and Operators (405)

Ship Rentals (5)
Shipbroking/Chartering (11)
Marine transportation (220)
Oil Tankers Ship Owners (4)
Service Boats and Supply Vessels Owners (25)
Passenger Boats Owners (11)
Fishing vessels (4)
Utility Boats and Tug Boats (2)
Cargo vessel (13)
Container ship (7)
International Shipping Company Agents (103)
Shipbuilding and Repair (91)

Ship Repair (25)
Ocean going Vessels Construction (4)
Special and Multi Purpose Vessels (8)
Fiberglass Boat Manufacturers (23)
Medium Sized Vessels (22)
Ship Designers (6)
Ship Construction Supervision,Inspection and Consultants (3)
Subcontractor and Consultants (251)

Telecommunication and Electronics (8)
Wharf,Pier,Quay,Breakwater Constructors (97)
Dredging Operation (15)
Oil Operation (12)
Oil and Undesired marine organism pollution Prevention (6)
Wharf,Pier,Quay,Breakwater Consultants (31)
Offshore and Onshore (3)
Oil Platform and Jacket Construction (79)


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