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By entering your information, we provide the most complete directory of port industries - maritime countries can help Shipping, marine, Marine, port, ship building, shipping, directory, industry, Ports and Maritime Organization, shipping, Sadra, entering your information, we provide the complete directory port industries - can help the country's marine < span style = "color: rgb (255, 255, 255);"> Islamic Republic of Iran shipping company, shipping, marine industry, call the coast, shipping, beach, ocean, shipping, corporate,



 Company Name  Phone  Address
J.l Alma 88557156-7 Address : 2nd Flr-No 24-9th St-Khaled Eslamboli St-Tehran-Iran
Category : Classification Societies
Jadeh Ahanin 88505235 Address : 2nd Flr-No 43-Haj Hasani St-Northern Sohrevardi St-Down Of Sayed Khandan Bridge-Tehran-Iran
Category : Cargo Handling ,Loading and unloading Services
Jahad Darya 66918701 Address : No1 St-Amiri St-Kokab St-Satar khan St-Tehran-Iran
Category : Dredging Operation
Jahad Nasr 44905918 Address : After Filling Station-12 KiloMeters Of pirivate Road Karaj-Tehran-Iran
Category : international transport services
Jahad Nasr Mazandaran 1512233638 Address : Pasdaran Blv-Sari-Mazandaran-Iran
Category : Wharf,Pier,Quay,Breakwater Constructors
Jahad nasr(yazd ) 3517257260 Address : Shahid haj Mehdi St-Imam Hosien Sq-Yazd-Iran
Category : Oil Platform and Jacket Construction
Jahan Morvarid 88813027 Address : Unit 22.32-5th Flr-No 130-Ghaem Magham St-Tehran-Iran
Category : international transport services
Jahan Pars 88052850 Address : No 43-Weastern Emdad St-Sheykh Bahaie St-Molasadra St-Vanak Sq-Tehran-Iran
Category : Wharf,Pier,Quay,Breakwater Constructors
Jahan-Darya-Zamin 88727255 Address : 5th Flr-No 32-Corner Of 11 St-Ahmad Gheysar St-Tehran-Iran
Category : Marine transportation
Jahesh Saz 66006647 Address : No 79-End Of ShahidSadeghi St-Side Of Sharif University-Azadi St-Tehran-Iran
Category : Wharf,Pier,Quay,Breakwater Constructors
Jam Babr 9116514259 Address : No 355-Side Of Afriqa Belaj-Pasdaran St-Bandar Anzali -Iran
Category : ship provisions supply(water,clods,foods)
Jarasaghil Va Kamar Shekan Markazi 55249255 Address : Gol Terminal-Shatereh-8th Kilometers Saveh St-Tehran-Iran
Category : Port Handling Cranes
Javaneh Bahari 88785006 Address : Unit 121-1St Flr-310 Builiding-Mirdamad Bazar-Weastern Mirdamad-Tehran-Iran
Category : software services
Jeo Tech 88792490 Address : No 1St-Zagros St-Baharan St-Arjantin Sq-Tehran-Iran
Category : Oil and Undesired marine organism pollution Prevention
Jet Marine Service- 88789661 Address : 2nd Flr-No 20-35 St-Alvand St-Arjantin Sq-Tehran-Iran
Category : International Shipping Company Agents
JIran Kish 22376279-80 Address : No 6th-Amonge Weastern 6th &7th-24 Meters Blv-Farhamg Sq-Saadat Abad -Tehran-Iran
Category : Paints and Coating
Jobin Rang Faraz 88407915 Address : o.p Box 14455478-Tehran-Iran
Category : Paints and Coating
Jodaie 6324241734 Address : No 71-11Arash-Khoramshahr-Iran
Category : Cargo Handling ,Loading and unloading Services
Johari Trading 7723230944 Address : Opposite Of Rig Gomrok-Saheli St-Bandar Rig-Iran
Category : Port Management and Operation
Jonoob Darya Bandar Shipping 88727255 Address : 7th Flr-No32 Builiding-Corner Of 11 St-Ahmad Gheysar St-Arjantin Sq-Tehran-Iran
Category : Marine transportation
Jonoob Protactive Coatings Co. 88371900 Address : 4th Bell-Unite 2nd-No 31-Weastern Asgari St-Moj St-Darya Blv-Shahrak Gharb-Tehran-Iran
Category : Corrosion Control
Jooshkab Yazd 22279266 Address : 3rd Flr-No 39-Opposite Tejarat Bank-Shariaati St-Tehran-Iran
Category : Rope and Wire
Jyane 88794922 Address : No 2nd-Cornrer Of 37 Blind-Side Of Ghods-Industrial School-First Of Afriqa Blv-Arjantin-Tehran0Iran
Category : Wharf,Pier,Quay,Breakwater Constructors

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